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Best Resident Presentation: Audrey Belmudes

Lung lobe torsion: particular ultrasound features as based on comparative ct and pathophysiological inferences in 12 dogs.

A. Belmudes, G. Gory, D. N. Rault, A. Combes, H. Gallois-Brides, L. Couturier, E. Cauvin

Best Oral Presentation: Swan Specchi

“Tangle Sign” on the ventro-dorsal projection of abdominal radiographs of spayed female cats corresponds to a spleno-systemic shunt.

S. Specchi, A.M. Adrian, G. Spattini, P. Pey, M. Paek

Best Poster presentation: Mathieu Spriet

Use of 18f-fluoride pet for the detection of bone lesions in the equine distal limb: Pilot data.

M. Spriet, P. Espinosa, A. Z. Kyme, K.L. Phillips, S.A. Katzman, L.D. Galuppo, D. Beylin

2012 EVDI Conference Prizes

Best presentation (EAVDI and ECVDI prize): Martin J Schmidt, Giessen, Germany - Comparison of they gray matter-white matter ratio in normal dogs and dogs with ventricular enlargement. A morphologic study bases on MRI

Best resident presentation (ECVDI prize): Agustina Ansón, Murcia, Spain – Ultrasound Imaging of the brachial plexus for regional anaesthesia in the cat

Best Poster (EAVDI and ECVDI prize): Silvia Rabba, Liege, Belgium – B-mode and power Doppler ultrasonography of the suspensory ligament branches in sport horses

2012 EAVDI Travel Awards

Pascaline Pey - Ghent, Belgium
Laurent Ewrard - Liege, Belgium
Carolina Brito-Monteiro - Lisbon, Portugal
Eva Vandermeulen - Ghent, Belgium

Douglas and Williamson Award

Ruth Dennis 


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